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Bloody Entrails

Of blood red roses and the sharpest thorns...

20 October
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"The world is too much with me"

Defends herself against the sanity assassins by losing herself in dark classic and contemporary literature, Goth/Deathrock/Punk music and gigs, and her friends and accquaintances.

Loves the hedonistic city London life (although being based in its not-so-exciting Southern sister Portsmouth, doesn't get to explore London as much as she would like!). Is also lured by the unspoiled Ireland, West Country and deepest Cornwall. Likes long hot baths filled with lavender, flowers, strolling through parks in summer and long, hazy nights. However, her favourite place in the whole world is probably Leipzig during the Wave Gotik Treffen (lost)weekends.

Finds solace in writing, be it drink-fuelled ramblings or pondering the meaning of life. Hates to be labelled or compromised and struggles against the lack of freedom in today's living and the small and narrow-minded people she daily comes up against. Sometimes it brings her down, she becomes lethargic and just wants to snuggle up indoors and hibernate.

Has a fascination with death, degeneration, tragedy and the darker side of life, although this simulataneously saddens and inspires her. Loves to be scared, so she watches and reads horrors and thrillers but is disappointed that she is rarely chilled to the bone.

Also enraptured by the mysterious unknown worlds of dreams and the supernatural. Her dreams are of the lucid and most vivid kind at times. This, too is inspiring. She also has a macabre sense of humour.

Loves nothing more than to dress up all Zombie Chic and head to London Deathrock haven Dead & Buried when she gets the chance and is passionate about the New Dark Age compilations which are surely heralding a new era of dark music.

Recently, for her own mind-cleansing, experimental and tension-releasing purposes she has decided to start another LiveJournal elsewhere for her darker, deeper thoughts and more personal demons to find a playden and where she can experiment with plays on words, her virtual and usually one-sided love affairs and bad poetry!! This is something necessary for her sanity, she's found! Hence, this Journal may be less personal, profound (or sentimental, self-pitying drivel, whatever you want to call it!) So her online doppleganger sways among the shadows, anon for now.

Happiest when dressed all in black and frequenting Goth, Deathrock and Punk gigs and alternative music clubs to satisfy the need for music, like-minded people, love and above all for her own sanity!

abbeys, altruism, animals, antiworld, architecture, bats, bats in the belfry, bauhaus, belisha, big hair, black eyeliner, bloody dead and sexy, bolshoi, british humour, cats, chants of maldoror, children on stun, christopher walken, cinema strange, clan of xymox, classical music, cornwall, corpus delicti, dancing badly, danse society, david lynch, dead can dance, dead kennedys, deathrock, deep eynde, devilish presley, dorset, douglas adams, dreams, eccentricity, editors, empire hideous, faith & the muse, fangs on fur, fishnet, flowers, frank the baptist, frankenstein, friendship, frustration, george orwell, gigs, good conversation, goth, gotterdammerung, gregorian chant, hedonism, history, horror, hot chocolate, intelligence, ireland, joy disaster, joy division, killing joke, last days of jesus, late nights and lie-ins, learning, leisur hive, levellers, libraries, literature, london, long summer walks, march violets, medievael baebes, mohawks, murder at the registry, museums, nature, new days delay, new model army, new wave, nostalgia, oscar wilde, paganism, palmistry, passion play, peter murphy, pins and needles, pixies, play dead, punk, pvc, quidam, red lorry yellow lorry, rozz williams, sarah diamond, scarlet's remains, self-expression, seventh harmonic, shadow reichenstein, shakespeare, siousxie, skeletal family, skulls, sleeping, sociology, stranglers, strobelight, supernatural, swansea, the chameleons, the clash, the cranes, the cure, the damned, the gower, the last dance, the sea, torpedoes, twin peaks, violet stigmartyr, waterfalls, wave gotik treffen, wicca, zadera, zombina & the skeletones